MGM Resorts to Use VR to Give Potential Employees a First-hand Experience of Their Jobs
MGM Resorts using VR

MGM Resorts to Use VR to Give Potential Employees a First-hand Experience of Their Jobs

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The global hospitality and entertainment company, MGM Resorts, is letting job applicants experience their roles first-hand in virtual reality to keep a check on its attrition rate.

The casino and resort group has partnered with the VR company Strivr to source the headsets for the initiative. Strivr specializes in delivering virtual training for industry health and safety, customer service, and more. The core objective of the strategy is to allow potential employees to experience what they might encounter on the job.

“It can be very difficult just to verbally explain the types of positions or show a video,” said MGM Resorts’ Chief HR Officer Laura Lee. Using VR, by contrast, lets applicants “throw a headset on and really experience the job.”

MGM will possibly deploy the headsets at its offices and at career fairs beginning in January. The idea is to showcase both negative and positive sides to the jobs. For example, the experience also includes dealing with troublesome or less-friendly guests.

Even though discouraging the candidates through adverse situations is a risk, the strategy could help the hiring decisions. The new technology and methods “might’ve resolved some turnover we experienced when people accepted positions and then realized it wasn’t quite what they thought it would be,” said Lee.

VR has found numerous enterprise applications recently, most of them focused on delivering training. MGM already uses Strivr’s tech for customer-interaction training with new employees, creating a safe learning environment where they can make mistakes and overcome them without causing any inconvenience to a guest.

“Virtual Reality gives employees the opportunity to think and correct themselves without getting stressed or worried that they did something wrong,” said Lee.

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