Netflix Launches a Gray Man Metaverse Experience with Decentraland

Netflix Launches a Gray Man Metaverse Experience with Decentraland

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The leading global entertainment company, Netflix, is taking its Web3 and metaverse vision a step ahead with exciting gameplay for its blockbuster title Gray Man in the Decentraland Metaverse. The idea emerged via Netflix’s Latin America division and The Electric Factory and was subsequently supported by the Decentraland Foundation.

The objective of the Gray Man metaverse experience is to introduce a new audience to the Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling starrer while providing fans with innovative ways to engage with some of the movie’s most memorable scenes and characters.

The “Metaverse Mission” is the title given to the metaverse reproduction of the Gray Man, which essentially recreates the maze scene. Players will have to make their way through the maze to demonstrate their understanding of the movie’s plot because there is so much action in this sequence.

Martin Shibuya, the Art Director for the Decentraland Foundation, and Diego Alvarez, a senior business developer at The Electric Factory, showcased the Gray Man metaverse experience. The programming startup, The Electric Factory, is the game’s creator and chief architect.

According to the game’s design, once a player enters the maze, they will start to hear the soundtrack from the original movie with Ryan Gosling’s instructions. Decentraland pointed out that reenacting some of the movie’s experiences makes for an exciting way to engage with the metaverse in a meaningful way.

By renting space rather than purchasing it outright, brands can genuinely showcase their creative works in the metaverse thanks to the Decentraland model that Netflix has chosen. Businesses who do this ‘will have a significant advantage tomorrow if they understand how this works and how people can interact,’ according to Diego Alvarez.

Netflix has been dabbling with several opportunities in the metaverse and Web3 worlds.

“There are so many opportunities that Web3 is bringing to the entertainment world, especially when it comes to immersive storytelling and audience engagement,” said Alvarez.

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