Bytedance Unveils New Augmented Reality Tools and Effects for TikTok

Bytedance Unveils New Augmented Reality Tools and Effects for TikTok

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The Pico Interactive parent, Bytedance, has unveiled new augmented reality tools for its popular social media platform TikTok post a successful beta testing phase.

The platform will host Effect House, an in-app creator platform to allow users to design and share AR effects and experiences with other users on the platform. Effect House has concluded the beta phase and is now open to use for all TikTok users.

As per the Chinese company, over 450 TikTok developers have created immersive AR effects that have been used by users in over 1.5 billion videos.

“I’m blown away by how quickly my effects and videos have reached new audiences. In my first week using Effect House, I’ve made 18 effects which have collectively reached over 100 million people worldwide, and I’ve grown my audience by over 20% to now over 240,000 followers!,” said Laura Gouillon, an extended reality (XR) director.

Furthermore, Bytedance has established its community and effects guidelines to ensure a safe and inclusive online environment for all its users with the new immersive effects.

TikTok’s Trust and Safety team goes through each user-created effect before it is launched to the TikTok community. Moreover, users can also report an effect that they believe does not follow TikTok guidelines. The guidelines specifically state that the effects must cater to certain technical requirements and work impeccably on smartphones.

Similar to this move, Meta had introduced ‘Personal Boundaries‘ to enhance user safety following reports of harassment on its Horizon Worlds metaverse platform.

Last year, Btyedance acquired virtual reality headset manufacturer Pico Interactive for $775 million and immersive application developer Moonton for $4 billion.

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