Vertebrae 3D & AR Tech Helps SVS to Reduce Returns and Grow Revenue

Vertebrae 3D & AR Tech Helps SVS to Reduce Returns and Grow Revenue

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The leading manufacturer of high-performance subwoofers, speakers, and audio accessories, SVS, has achieved a dramatic rise in business results by enabling shoppers to visualize their products using a 3D and AR experience powered by Vertebrae.

Vertebrae, a Snap Inc. company, is a leading provider of 3D and augmented reality solutions to help brands enhance their customer experience. The company works with numerous notable brands, such as Coach, David’s Bridal, YETI, Herschel Supply Co., and more.

SVS’s partnership with Vertebrae enabled the former to help its customers virtually place their favorite products within their living space. Customers can superimpose the products in their living room, home theater, or home studio and view them from all angles and directions to evaluate if the product fits their preferences. They can access the immersive, 3D, and AR experience directly from the product page.

The feature has allowed SVS customers to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the product before they go ahead with the purchase. The new experience has proven to be extremely popular and delivered exceptional results for the company. It has seen a conversion lift of 258% and a revenue per visit lift of 382% in the last eight months through the engaging 3D and AR features.

Moreover, the AR experience has led to a reduction of 12% in returns compared to YoY eCommerce conversions since the tools have been introduced. 

“Once a customer makes a return, they may never come back, so providing every chance to get it right the first time was key for us,” said Nicholas Brown, Vice President of Marketing at SVS.

Enabling customers to view the product visually within their space provides immense support for making placement and lifestyle decisions. AR has allowed the customers to explore products in different shapes and sizes thoroughly and has made the shopping experience more engaging.

“The Vertebrae-powered 3D & AR experience fits right in with SVS’s product design philosophy of immersive experience, and it’s ‘like-being-there’,” said Vince Cacace, CEO and Founder of Vertebrae.

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