4 Innovative Examples of AR in Action

4 Innovative Examples of AR in Action

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The potential applications of Augmented Reality (AR) are vast and varied. You can find companies developing AR products in nearly every industry, from education and healthcare to manufacturing and engineering. 

In this article, we will share four innovative examples of AR in action that showcase the capabilities of such technology the best.

Language Learning

Augmented Reality use in language learning is still in its early developmental stages. Still, there are already some great examples of how it can be used to create more immersive and interactive experiences for language students.

An app called ‘Mondly AR’ allows users to see the objects of the words they’re learning. For example, if you’d study animal names, life-sized animal models would pop up right in front of you.

The animals are not just merely standing still but moving around and acting as their real-world counterparts. Mondly also features speech recognition and a chatbot that corrects your pronunciation mistakes in real-time.


Augmented Reality has a lot of potential applications in the healthcare industry. One example is a company called AccuVein, and its latest device AccuVein AV500. It uses AR technology to help healthcare professionals find the veins of their patients more easily.

According to the company’s marketing specialist Vinny Luciano, about 40% of intravenous injections fail to hit the vein on the first attempt. AccuVein AV500 projects a map of the veins onto the patient’s skin, making it easier to find the right spot for needle insertion. 

This can help reduce pain and anxiety for patients and can also help reduce the number of needle sticks required. The AccuVein AV500 is just one example of how AR can be used in healthcare. Other potential applications include providing real-time information about a patient’s condition, helping surgeons plan and execute procedures, and training medical students.


Augmented Reality can be used in nearly every aspect of manufacturing. For example, it can help workers by projecting manufacturing instructions on the assembly line. It can also assist product designers in understanding how prototypes would interact with the real environment.

However, one of the most successful examples of a company utilizing AR for its benefit is Boeing. The company started using smart eyewear powered by Skylight AR software by Google. It helps technicians to wire Boeing airplanes by superimposing useful data on their vision.

According to Boeing, using AR increased airplane production speed by 25% and almost eliminated human error.

Remote Repair

Covid-19 has pushed the world to figure out ways to successfully run a business from a distance. Many companies started rapidly developing AR apps for their own needs, but one of the better examples of that is Porsche and its AR system called Tech Live Look.

It consists of smart glasses, AR software, and a microphone, which allows Porsche specialists to remotely view and diagnose vehicle problems. It helps local mechanics who aren’t sufficiently trained to deal with luxury cars. The AR system is currently being used by Porsche dealerships all across the U.S.

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