Bottle Rocket Receives Recognition with the Spark AR Creator Certification from Meta

Bottle Rocket Receives Recognition with the Spark AR Creator Certification from Meta

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The leading digital experience consultancy, Bottle Rocket, has become one of a select few worldwide to earn a formal Spark AR Creation Certification from Meta.

This certification highlights the company’s continuous commitment to developing fresh and original strategies for assisting its customers in releasing innovative and interactive experiences in the Metaverse. It further validates the company’s extensive technological know-how.

Bottle Rocket offers strategy, product, design, and technology services that boost business performance and exceed customers’ expectations. Bottle Rocket is a part of the Ogilvy Experience global network, Bottle Rocket has received recognition for its demonstrated digital capabilities by achieving a Meta Certification at this level. The certification shows that Bottle Rocket can provide augmented reality (AR) experiences for Facebook, Instagram, and the Metaverse after the company’s technology team completed the rigorous training for advanced-level producers offered by Spark AR Studio.

“This certification is an important tool in our arsenal and will help us create even more immersive and impactful experiences for our clients,” stated Rajesh Midha, Bottle Rocket’s CEO.

This recognition by Meta as a leader in the field and a highly talented creator of augmented reality solutions for its clients demonstrates the company’s abilities and competence.

“When we talk about AR and the Metaverse, I think a good term to use is ‘Real World Metaverse.’ Rather than moving people into a new non-real ‘verse,’ we are focused on bringing the data to them in the real world, focusing on the Reality part of Augmented Reality,” added David Harrison, Bottle Rocket’s VP of Technology.

Harrison continued by saying that Bottle Rocket has always had this potential as part of its expertise. Bottle Rocket’s most significant asset has always been its ability to provide connected experiences to customers in a non-intrusive way, meeting them where they are and allowing them to complete tasks and move on with their day.

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