How Augmented Reality will change the world?
How AR will change the world

How Augmented Reality will change the world?

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Every day, technology seems to change our world as we know it. It is altering the way we feel, think, make choices, and live. We have reached an era where sci-fi works such as ‘The Matrix’ are becoming less fictitious and more realistic. The chain between real and virtual life as we know it is constantly being blurred because of software developers and hardware engineers all over the globe continually putting forth inventive technological solutions.

One such technology, which is at every forefront of the digital arena is the Augmented Reality. Predicted to reach over one billion users worldwide by 2020, AR, as seems, is on its way to becoming a true reality for most of us.

Remember the AR game, Pokemon Go fever? It was just a glance at how AR can affect our lives. Here is a deep insight into how augmented reality will transform the entire world.

3 ways how Augmented Reality is changing the world

1. Healthcare

Some remarkable yet valuable AR applications allow medical specialists to interact with their patients seamlessly. In some circumstances, these apps also deliver real-time data to the area for supporting surgery, diagnosis, and treatment plans.

For example, AccuVein assists the healthcare providers to locate patient’s veins accurately; it aims Sagara at developing individuals’ physical wellbeing and mental health, and VR Dentist is a dental app that uses augmented reality for educational purposes that focus on the teeth.

2. Government

With the skill to provide data in real-time, simulate real-life experiences, and engage users, AR has a great potential to transform government services.

The government officials can avoid accidents and reduce service calls by showing users the object where they exist; depict imagery such as a 3D view of a proposed project to help people understand complicated concepts and enlighten the public.

3. Logistics

DHL, one of the world-leading logistics companies, is one of the early adopters of this revolutionary technology.

The AR-enabled glasses, M100 smart glasses, guide them through their storehouse so they can pick items for their order of fulfillment. The company has also reported a reduction in shipment errors and a 25% increase in efficiency of work.

So, with this, many logistics companies can enjoy the usage of smart AR glasses.

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