PokerStars VR App Lets Players Enjoy the Casino Ambiance from the Comfort of their Home

PokerStars VR App Lets Players Enjoy the Casino Ambiance from the Comfort of their Home

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As one of the most popular and beloved card games, poker has adapted through the ages through various mediums and technologies. After developing from face-to-face games in casinos and saloons, poker has evolved into one of the most successful online games in history. Last year alone, online poker grew by 30% more globally. And 2021, as a further testament to poker’s adaptability and timelessness, market leader PokerStars is taking online poker to the next level. Using the latest in virtual reality (VR) gaming technology, PokerStars is bringing the ambiance and spectacle of casino poker to gamers from the comfort of their own homes.

What to Expect From PokerStars VR

The magic of PokerStars VR lies in its ability to immerse you into some of the biggest and boldest poker rooms on the market. Rather than interacting with your gaming rig to control your in-game actions, you’re real-life head, and hand movements will be reflected in the game. Although the technology is not yet at the stage where you can create realistic avatars, you are allowed to choose and personalize a 3D animated avatar that you’ll be using as you play.

Mimicking how you’d play poker in a casino, each session starts with you entering the PokerStars virtual casino. To up the ante, you are allowed to choose from a selection of carefully rendered locations. These include a yacht in Monte Carlo, a medieval castle, a Cowboy Western saloon, and an inky black void, among others.

The gameplay has also been designed so that you can interact with your environment by throwing cards, chips, and even beer or money across the table. While this isn’t the behavior you would see in casino poker, it is fun to try out on the VR platform.

 How to Play PokerStars VR

 To play PokerStars VR, you need a VR setup. This means having a VR headset and a controller. A few years ago, VR gaming gear was quite pricey, but lately, the surge in advancement and adoption has released more affordable models. For example, the latest Quest headset has improved its specifications, but its price has conversely dipped by $100. Alternatively, you could also use your phone and a cardboard headset, though this won’t deliver the same immersive experience. You don’t have to worry about only using your VR setup for this title, though. This year alone, several new VR titles like After the Fall and Tin Hearts have been released, too.

Aside from the change in a gaming setup, the general tips on how to win at poker still apply. For instance, even though PokerStars VR doesn’t play with real money, you’re still better off managing your bankroll. This ensures that you never get carried away and can make better judgment calls that won’t cost you. On top of this, you should use VR poker as a means to network with other players. Since you are given more ways to interact in this setting, you can make friends with other players who can impart poker tips down the line. This highly social aspect is also one of the reasons why video games have boomed in popularity since 2020.

 Although the game was first released in 2018, PokerStars VR is coming into the mainstream limelight this year, thanks to new advancements in VR. If you’re a poker player missing the glitz of the casino or a VR gamer looking for a new title to get caught up in, try your luck and skill at PokerStars VR.

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