VR, AR & MR, Which Reality Technology to Choose for Your Business in the Coming Year 2021
Which Reality Technology to Choose

VR, AR & MR, Which Reality Technology to Choose for Your Business in the Coming Year 2021

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Reality technologies have been growing in momentum these past few years. Some of the latest advancements in this industry include but are not limited to; Apple’s ARKit framework which allows millions of its iPhone and iPad customers to experience augmented reality (AR), Facebook working very hard to give virtual reality (VR) to broader audiences, and Microsoft making use of mixed reality (MR) to combine virtual objects with the real world. With an excellent market comprising of many opportunities to be explored, you might be wondering which is best for your business, VR, AR or MR? To do this you need to have a clear understanding of the differences between VR, AR, and MR. This guide has been written to give you a brief explanation of what reality technologies are and how your businesses can benefit from them in the coming year 2021.

A Brief Introduction to Reality Technology

The biggest strength of virtual reality is its ability to immerse users in the virtual world. With a proper setup that includes high-quality video, spatial audio, and high-quality motion tracking, one can start to believe in the virtual world.

However, populating your surroundings with unusual décor or with future techy holograms is made possible using augmented reality. It is also an amazing way to annotate real-world scenes with additional data. These additional data can be anything from additional information about an object you are looking at to service instructions about an elevator that needs repair.

And on the other hand mixed reality combines the best out of both virtual and augmented realities. They can either be virtual reality devices with cameras that allow you to baseline the virtual world with the actual world or augmented reality devices with sufficient display intensity that is able to create a believable virtual reality in a portion of the visual field.

Choosing Between VR, AR & MR FOR YOUR BUSINESS

Should you choose between a virtual reality app development project, an augmented reality app or is developing a mixed reality platform a better bet for your business? You should pick the technology that best serves the requirements of your business better, and as such, you need to examine key areas where each technology was used and compare your requirements with them.

Key Areas to Consider Before Choosing a Reality Technology

  1. Your Business Requirement: The Key Consideration
    You need to analyze the requirements of your business to choose between each reality technology. The three technologies have been used in various ways in various industries to achieve various results. You need to look at the effect you want to achieve then look at how each technology was used and how they can be applied to your business.
  2. Your Budget
    While they are all affordable technologies, however, there will be minor differences when you estimate each development project.
  3. Choosing the right managed cloud services provider
    No matter which reality technology you choose, the right managed cloud services provider is also needed. AWS offers several advantages.
    Deciding between VR, AR and MR can be difficult however, you can combine them to achieve your desired result. Having said that, a software development project to implement your reality technology solutions can be complex. It is recommended that you hire a reputed software development company for any project.

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