Top Virtual Reality Games We Are Expecting in 2021
Virtual Reality Games

Top Virtual Reality Games We Are Expecting in 2021

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Virtual Reality games use virtual reality technology to give players an immersive, first-person POV of the gaming action. It gives you the power to experience and create an impact on the gaming environment with the help of various VR gaming devices and accessories like Oculus Rift & Quest, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Valve index headsets. Following are some of the new VR video games set to release in 2021.

After the Fall

This is a multiplayer, first-person shooter virtual reality game. The VR game pits up to four players against a vast and hostile virtual reality world. It’s a fight for survival. This adrenaline-pumping virtual reality game is set around 20 years in the future.
Using VR, the gameplay revolves around thwarting a horde of infected monsters from taking over a frozen wasteland. The challenge is to survive the unprecedented hordes and fight strategically to defeat the Specials. An important component of this game is thinking on your feet as you take on the bosses. Vertigo Games, the creators of the game will launch it in early 2021.

Space Engine

Space enthusiasts now have a reason to rejoice. They can now enjoy the beauty of stars sitting in the comfort of their homes. The title developed by Vladimir Romanyuk is the world’s first photorealistic 3D planetarium that runs both in the standard and VR modes. The game makes it possible to manipulate both space and time using VR gear.

Everything works in accordance with the laws of physics. It’s a great lab for those who aspire to be scientists to understand how the universe works. The game should be out in 2021.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is Rebellion’s VR version of the World War 2 sniping simulator. Players get into the role of a master marksman whose goal is to topple the fascist empire. Planning the execution from its long-list of targets and popping heads using X-ray kill shots, it’s pretty straight forward. Sniper Elite’s trademark X-ray vision kill cam shows the player in gruesome detail. You can actually follow the bullet through the landscape to see the effect of the bullet on the target. It has been demoed using the PSVR rig. However, the final version of the game will be available for PC VR headsets.

Tin Hearts

This adorable VR game is meant to do two things – fun and relaxation after a long day’s work. While playing Tin Hearts, you’ll feel like a child in a toy store where you need to guide a squad of tin soldiers in a miniature toy world. You can control the environment around them to make their journey easier and immerse yourself in a peaceful environment while enjoying the beautiful soundtrack. The game takes you through unlocking powers to controlling wooden blocks, drums, and even toy trains. You’ll find clues at every step and you get rewarded with an emotional human tale that resonates beyond the realm of the virtual reality game.

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