Pokémon GO to offer new rewards for referring friends
Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO to offer new rewards for referring friends

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Pokemon GO is offering a new incentive allowing players special in-game rewards if they encourage friends to play Pokemon GO. The AR game, launched in 2016, enables gamers to examine their real-world surroundings to find and catch Pokémon. The game was an instant hit, as it promoted physical health and well-being.

Season 2 from Pokémon GO – ‘Season of Legends’ added a set of new contents. The second season focuses on Pokémon and consequently saw the inclusion of creatures as Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus. Other important features, such as Pokémon hatching and mega raids, were also added.

Recently Pokémon GO has published a new referral system allowing players to give special in-game rewards by introducing others to play the game. This referral can be utilized to invite friends or family members to play Pokémon GO or to return to the game after a break. The referral system will be carried using special codes being distributed to Pokémon GO players.

Pokémon GO has been very popular for the last five years, and the augmented reality title shows no indications of slowing down. Developer Niantic has recently associated with Microsoft to make Pokémon GO compatible with Microsoft HoloLens VR headset, thereby bringing Pokémon GO’s immersive essence to a whole new level.

Pokémon GO is marketed in an innovative way for players to experience  Pokémon while also getting out to exercise. The Pokémon hunt is better experienced with a friend or a family member, and Pokémon GO’s new referral process will offer rewards for group activity.

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