Unplugged Uses Hand-tracking Technology To Let You Play A Guitar In VR
Unplugged Air Guitar

Unplugged Uses Hand-tracking Technology To Let You Play A Guitar In VR

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Virtual reality studio Another way is gearing up for the launch of its upcoming guitar-based game, Unplugged: Air Guitar.

The project was originally unveiled back in December last year, and the recent E3 gaming event brought crucial updates on the progress. A new track reveals trailer is giving eager air guitarists an in-depth look at the gameplay.

The experience looks to be similar to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Unplugged: Air Guitar aims to make the guitar-playing experience accessible for the masses without the need for possessing the actual instrument. All it requires is a VR headset, your hands, and your expert air shredding skills.

The game had let go of physical controllers in favor of hand-tracking technology that maps the movements of your fingers in relation to the imaginary guitar.

Furthermore, an added benefit of virtual reality is that you can stock up a massive in-game collection of electric guitars and guitar amps. Explorer, Les Paul, and Strat-style six-strings are all available within the game.

Ricardo Acosta, the co-founder of Anotherway, said, “Unplugged is a VR music game that allows you to play air guitar and feel like a rockstar using hand-tracking technology.”

“It is really amazing to think about this last year because at the beginning we were thinking really small. We have bands in the soundtrack that we’ve always loved, like The Offspring.”

Unplugged’s producer Marcus Henderson, the former lead guitarist on the Guitar Hero games, said, “Strap on your headset and get yourself on stage. You’ll be able to pick from your choice of guitars and amps to help you power yourself through this incredible rock journey that is waiting for you.”

The recently released trailer gives the fans a nice glimpse into the gameplay, with the virtual air shredder breezing through the colorful notation of The Offspring’s The Kids Aren’t Alright.

“We’ve made huge progress on the gameplay over the last few months. Now we have several different modes, power-ups, mini-games, crowd interaction and much more,” Acosta added.

“We have famous music, an amazing team and we are putting all our hearts into the game so we can create a real love-letter to rock.”

Unplugged: Air Guitar is set to debut this fall on Oculus Quest and Steam VR headsets equipped with correct hand-tracking capabilities.

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