Vertigo Games acquires SpringboardVR, a virtual reality arcade management platform

Vertigo Games acquires SpringboardVR, a virtual reality arcade management platform

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Vertigo Games, developer and publisher of multi-platform VR best known for the virtual reality shooter ‘Arizona Sunshine,’ has stated that it has closed the acquisition of SpringboardVR.

SpringboardVR is a provider of virtual reality venue management software and one of the largest content marketplaces for LBE (location-based entertainment).

Vertigo Games has also stated that important customer-facing executives from SpringboardVR will be part of Vertigo Games. They are expected to support seamless operations and service for arcade operators and game studios globally.

SpringboardVR’s software platform will continue to function under its current name with the support from Vertigo Games team. This combination is expected to provide operators with access to free-roam virtual reality content through Vertigo’s HAZE VR distribution platform.

Vertigo Games mentioned that it has always been a supporter of location-based virtual reality, with its game portfolio accounting for around 25%. The company’s virtual reality experiences are available in 700+ arcades, theme parks, and family entertainment centers globally through third-party services like LBE VR distribution platform HAZE VR and SpringboardVR.

“Vertigo Games continues to believe in the power of location-based virtual reality to drive the growth of the medium. We’ve had a great relationship with the SpringboardVR team over the past four years, and we are excited to pick up the responsibility to carry forward the vision of SpringboardVR. They’ve done a great job building the largest VR content marketplace for LBE, and we look forward to leading SpringboardVR into the future in this exciting phase of accelerating growth in VR.” – John Coleman, Director of Business Development, Vertigo Games.

SpringboardVR, founded in 2017, offers 400+ VR titles via its content marketplace, serving 500+ companies in 40+ countries.

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