Caveman Game Studio launches Contractors Virtual Reality on Oculus Quest

Caveman Game Studio launches Contractors Virtual Reality on Oculus Quest

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Caveman Game Studio had recently launched Contractors VR, the official standalone port of its successful team-based virtual reality shooting game on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. This will offer gamers a high-performance shooting game that is focused on providing realistic modern combat.

Contractors VR was first released on PC virtual reality headsets in 2018 and had covered the minute details in weapon mechanics, quality combat space, and realist weapon scopes featured in a virtual reality shooter.

Apart from the current PvP game modes like the Gun Game, Extraction, and Team Deatchmatch, the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 port has new PvE gameplay for both offline one-player and online team missions. Gamers have access to 30 different weapons, load-outs (which can be customized), and a specific target practice hub with both human and zombie bots. It also supports cross-play, allowing players to team up with their friends on Oculus Rift and Rift S.

“Running Contractors VR on a mobile chipset is a tall order. We want the Quest port to retain the same flavor as the PC version. To get the best performance out of Quest, we improved code efficiency and rewrote parts that might cause CPU overhead. Another major obstacle is GPU overhead.” – Caveman Game Studio.

According to Caveman Game Studio, additional one-player and team missions and maps will be added in due course. The developer is also working to bring gamers’ mods to the standalone release, allowing players to design their own game modes, weapons, loud-outs, and maps.

Per the company, virtual reality lets players play the game from a different and new angle. Some video games are specifically developed for virtual reality environments, giving great realistic experiences, and Contractors VR is one of those games.

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