Phasmophobia’s new AI makes the ghosts scarier and smarter

Phasmophobia’s new AI makes the ghosts scarier and smarter

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Phasmophobia’s newest update improves the artificial intelligence of its ghosts, making it even scarier. The successful indie game has been on the top of Steam’s charts since September 2020. It has also won a Game Award for Best Debut Indie Game. The game developed by Kinetic Games was built from the ground up for android and VR headsets.

Phasmophobia concentrates on a team of ghost hunters utilizing specialized equipment to explore specters, which in turn can track-down gamers based on the sound of their voice. It features many maps to traverse with up to 3 others in co-op play. Also, each game is different, as ghosts and other objectives are procedurally generated.

Kinetic Games has shared the details of the new update, which advances the ghost’s artificial intelligence in many ways. Ghosts will now follow gamers around if they lose sight, open lockers, doors during or outside hunts. Moreover, a spirit can directly target any player who gets too close while chasing another player. The new update also improves the quality of life, gameplay changes, and Parabolic Microphone mechanics.

The game changes look to reduce features that gamers used to cheese the game while developing ghost variability. Updates in the past included the addition of new maps and behavioral modifications to ghosts, but it has been some time since various ghosts were added.

Phasmophobia has already worked out one new apparition in the form of a mysterious ghost for gamers to encounter. The game’s popularity is expected to keep the game developer researching and working to produce more immersive content.

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