Star Trek Actor William Shatner Celebrates his 90th Birthday by Creating an AI Version of Himself
William Shatner AI Version

Star Trek Actor William Shatner Celebrates his 90th Birthday by Creating an AI Version of Himself

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In a bid to ‘preserve his memory and legacy for generations to come’, Star Trek actor William Shatner is creating an artificial intelligence-powered version of himself. With this initiative, he will become the first person to have their life story captured by the conversational, interactive AI-powered video technology developed by the Los Angeles-based StoryFile.

People will be able to interact directly with the recording and ask questions about Mr. Shatner’s work and personal experiences even after he is gone. The announcement came on his 90th birthday while the experience will debut later in May.

William Shatner gained fame while playing Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise as well as lead roles in the police drama T.J. Hooker and the dramedy Boston Legal.

“I have a story to tell,” said Mr. Shatner.

“Imagine if you could record yourself in a way that future generations, hundreds of years from now, could talk to you — and you could talk back. That’s possible. With StoryFile, we can now be present in the future. Your authentic self, for all time.”

“This is for all my children and all my children’s children and all my children’s loved ones and all the loved ones of the loved ones. That’s my gift to you down through time,” he concluded.

“William Shatner is going where no one has gone before,” stated StoryFile Co-founder and CEO Heather Maio-Smith. “Generations in the future will be able to have a conversation with him. Not an avatar, not a deep fake, but with the real William Shatner answering their questions about his life and work.”

“We believe every person’s story matters,” stated StoryFile Co-founder Stephen Smith. “Who better to show the world how StoryFile Life works than a man the world knows for stretching our imaginations about the future and life in this universe and beyond. A man who has always generously shared the highs and lows with us, and who has mastered the art of storytelling.”

You can visit the StoryFile website to sign up for receiving a notification as soon as William Shatner’s conversation is live and ready to interact with.

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