Odders Lab’s ‘Chess Club’ to bring the game to life in virtual reality on Quest
Chess Club

Odders Lab’s ‘Chess Club’ to bring the game to life in virtual reality on Quest

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Chess Club, which will be available from July on Oculus Quest headsets, is a VR game developed by Odders Lab (OhShape). The developer wants to bring the board game to life using animated set pieces, virtual environments, and various immersive details designed for virtual reality headsets.

Chess Club will include two environments for players. 

  • The first, Grand Palace, will immerse players in a classical hall where they can engage in different game types by using Staunton chess pieces. 
  • The second, Stonehenge, immerses players into a magical realm that looks like Skyrim.

Chess Club will have many time rules for players to enjoy, including Blitz, Bullet, Classical, Async, and Real-Time. In addition to AI opponents, players can engage in one-on-one multiplayer matches.

The game tracks players’ moves as they play, allowing them to better examine past games and identify their mistakes. There is an additional layer of immersion, where players can play the game using Oculus Quest hand-tracking, allowing players to actually interact with set pieces using their hands.

In the future, Odders Lab plans to implement new set pieces and environments. It also has Chess School, a series of forthcoming lessons conducted by Chess Masters intended to improve skills by offering helpful tricks and tips.

Players can pre-order Chess Club now and in early access on 29th June. The game will launch on Oculus Quest on 7th July for $14.99.

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