Sniper Elite VR, the virtual reality sniper game it all set to release on July 8
Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR, the virtual reality sniper game it all set to release on July 8

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Rebellion has partnered with Coatsink and Just Add Water to include a new addition to their successful Sniper Elite series. Players can experience a World War II story.

They have developed Sniper Elite VR from the ground up as a virtual reality game that retains the authenticity of the original game.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller made it possible for the developers to go deep with the realism of using a sniper rifle. When a player lifts the gun to fire, they will find themselves holding their breath and squeezing the trigger slowly.

The developers were faced with many technical challenges, but they have created the smooth, immersive, and natural feeling of using an actual, physical sniper scope with some intelligent tricks assisted by the console’s horsepower.

With the PlayStation Move controllers, players will manually feed a new clip of ammunition and action the rifle’s bolt. Sniper Elite’s signature moment is the X-Ray cam. It took a lot of fine-tuning for the team to integrate into the game successfully. 

The combined virtual reality development experience of the 3 studios working on Sniper Elite VR has led to the development of a VR game that offers an unmatched immersive experience for players without jeopardizing the thrilling sensations of the gameplay.

Fans of the Sniper Elite series will get an exhilarating and explosive experience that will challenge them and keep them coming back for more.

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