XRAI Glass Unveils a Real-time Augmented Reality Closed Captioning App

XRAI Glass Unveils a Real-time Augmented Reality Closed Captioning App

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The well-known supplier of augmented reality (AR) software solutions, XRAI Glass, recently unveiled the release of its latest tech, which enables hearing-impaired or deaf users to read speech in real-time with the help of closed captioning using a pair of AR smart glasses.

The company recently informed potential customers that its software is now accessible to Android users on the Google Play Store, following a successful pilot program earlier this year. The company explained that although its software is ready for iOS, it is still awaiting Apple’s approval and is not currently accessible to iPhone users.

A subtitled conversation version is created from audio using the XRAI Glass software and displayed on the screen of a pair of accompanying AR glasses. According to the company, the software’s voice recognition features can acknowledge who is speaking and translate conversations. Translation transcription options are available in nine languages, including English, Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish, with additional languages on the way.

Users must have a set of Nreal Air glasses connected to a mobile phone device to use the XRAI Glass Augmented Reality app. Through a strategic alliance with Nreal, XRAI Glass can offer hard-of-hearing users a suitable head-worn device to view conversations. Users can start experiencing their daily lives with subtitles once they’ve paired with the XRAI Glass app.

In a previous announcement, the company also mentioned that its software would soon be able to recognize various voice tones, accents, and modifications in pitch.

“We are thrilled to announce that XRAI Glass is now available worldwide. We believe that this innovative technology can enhance connections for millions of people with hearing loss around the world,” said Dan Scarfe, XRAI Glass Founder & CEO.

Users can choose between the ‘Essentials,’ ‘Premium,’ and ‘Ultimate’ subscription plans that XRAI Glass offers for its software. To provide users with vision impairments with the option to get prescription lenses for their Nreal Air glasses, XRAI Glass has also collaborated with the UK-based company Lensology.

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