ZED RUN’s AR Horses to Work through a Combination of Blockchain & NFT Gaming
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ZED RUN’s AR Horses to Work through a Combination of Blockchain & NFT Gaming

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Virtually Human Studio (VHS) has been working on combining virtual worlds, blockchain, and digital ownership to create a Tamagotchi 10.0. You would be able to buy, own, race, breed, care for, and invest in these AR-powered digital horses.

ZED RUN has been able to establish a strong foundation for a novel type of non-fungible token (NFT) gaming since its beta launch last year. NFTs are essentially digital assets that stay alive on the blockchain to help track and prove the authenticity and ownership using Ethereum.

This gives these horses the ability to hold real value, be showcased across several platforms, and be traded in the open market beyond ZED RUN. Chris Ebeling, Cofounder of VHS, said, “You being able to really own your digital asset, that in itself is going to change the landscape of gaming.”

Atari also joined forces with the company to help introduce rare and collectible in-game items. Classic titles from Atari such as Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Pong, and more will make their way into this platform soon.

The trend of in-game digital ownership has started coming to the surface and companies like ZED RUN are leading the transformation in the behavior of gamers as well as our association with digital assets. The strategic mixture of NFT online, AR, and VR gaming will bring about real-world monetization beyond esports or the digital economy of today.

Imagine if this principle was to be integrated within a popular title like Fortnite. The idea of true asset ownership will transform the way gamers play and enhance the importance of informed gamer communities and third-party verified marketplaces.

In the future, open ecosystems with interchangeable assets will probably bring in real value and turn into a trendy game type which could challenge the popularity of even narrative-driven games like World of Warcraft.

This gives the opportunity to gamers and online communities to turn into a major segment of the global economy.

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