NeVeR Again VR seeks funding for depicting Holocaust stories in virtual reality

NeVeR Again VR seeks funding for depicting Holocaust stories in virtual reality

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A fundraising project named NeVeR Again VR has been started to help unite real testimonies of Holocaust survivors with VR. NeVeR Again VR is looking for a fund of 500,000 NIS (USD155,00) and will apply volumetric video by Tetavi to memorialize Holocaust survivor stories via virtual reality.

“I have realized that the most powerful and tangible way of conveying the story of the Holocaust is to do it in a direct method, without filters. VR allows us to provide access and to create an emotional connection that can be used to convey this to hundreds of thousands of young people across the globe.” – Roey Friedman, Head of the non-profit project NeVeR Again VR.

Holocaust survivors for decades have talked at various events globally about their experiences with students and the general population. Roey Friedman, who is also a grandson to Holocaust survivors, wanted to make sure that future generations can hear these real shocking stories from the actual person so that their memories will never be lost or forgotten.

Roey Friedman hoped for three central systems of adopting the technology:

  1. As augmented reality programs on phones so users can hear from Holocaust survivors at home.
  2. Like virtual reality headsets, which can be used in conferences, events, and schools.
  3. An extension on the Google Arts and Culture section for mainly for educational purposes.

Accessing each survivor will be accumulated depending on the cruelty of their story. “There will be a few levels and a few kinds of scenarios for little kids who may not go around Auschwitz, but they’ll learn about Warsaw ghetto, or what it was like living in the forest while running away from the Germans. Less disturbing than Auschwitz.” – Friedman.

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