NewSight Reality Successfully Tests TOM to Power Mass Adoption for AR

NewSight Reality Successfully Tests TOM to Power Mass Adoption for AR

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The leading innovator in the augmented reality (AR) space, NewSight Reality (NSR), announced that it has successfully tested AR using its own TOM (Transparent Optical Module) system. It represents a significant step towards enabling the widespread adoption of next-generation AR products and solutions because it is the first time in history that AR has been accomplished through a see-through, near-eye display.

“We are no longer a paper tiger with models and concepts,” stated Phil Garfinkle, NSR CEO and President. “We’re incredibly excited to demonstrate a near-eye transparent module that is the basis for the next generation of Augmented Reality.”

The next generation of augmented reality technology, TOM, fundamentally differs from current augmented reality displays and optics. By substituting a single multi-layer hermetically sealed transparent module for the light engine and optical engine, TOM does away with the requirement for conventional optical combiners. Calibration is only necessary once during production.

TOM’s direct, transparent display, situated close to the eyes, enables it to achieve over 80% transparency and high light efficiency. In contrast to projection/waveguide-based light transmission and complicated optics, this facilitates low power consumption and daylight operation.

The end product is a proprietary transparent module that can be created with either a flat or curved form factor and is produced with a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 2.0 millimeters and a weight of about 2 grams. It allows for simple integration with an eyewear of all types, including prescription, fashionable, and tactical eyewear.

The ground-breaking technology behind TOM enables useful and dynamic functionality for a range of use cases, from routine use to more extreme, tactical ones.

For the next generation of AR displays/optics, NewSight Reality, Inc. (NSR) has gathered a team of world-class specialists to deliver and guide its technology into modular plug-in solutions. Nine core patents for NewSight Reality have already been granted in the US and other countries, and more than 30 applications are still pending.

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