Nissan Unveils 3D Car Experience In London’s Southbank
3D Car Experience In London

Nissan Unveils 3D Car Experience In London’s Southbank

Nissan UK unveiled a new innovative cube installation in London’s Southbank area. It probably cannot be compared to the other holographic or augmented reality innovations making the headlines. Still, it did appear to present an effect of a 3D construct moving in the real world.

The reason behind the unusual display was the debut of Nissan’s new Qashqai SUV for the UK market, also known as the Rogue Sport in the US.

Although the cube does not present any AR feature in its animation, street viewers can seek an even better AR view of the vehicle through their smartphones accessible through a QR code included in the display. 

“This exciting 3D installation brings that powerful message to spectators in a way many will never have experienced digital content before,” said Nic Thomas, Marketing Director at Nissan Motor GB Ltd. “We are delighted to be launching our flagship car with this innovative customer experience that will equally excite those watching in London, or seeing digital footage online.”

Pixel Arts is the creator behind the giant four-side cube experience. The experience repeats every fifteen minutes and would be accessible only for a week. You must aim to obtain an in-person look fast, or else you will have to access it online.

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