Nextech AR Becomes a Part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s AR Board
Nextech AR

Nextech AR Becomes a Part of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s AR Board

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The leading provider of virtual and augmented reality experience technologies, Nextech AR Solutions, has joined the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) AR Board. It is a trade association comprising over 650 leading media companies, brands, and technology companies that specialize in selling, delivering, and optimizing digital ad marketing campaigns.

AR advertising is emerging as one of the top choices for several retailers and eCommerce companies in terms of allocating their marketing resources. Nextech already has set a firm foundation for AR technology in the industry and is equipped with the tools required to harness engagement data and conversion data to deliver ROI on AR ads to its clients.

As a part of the IAB, Nextech will get the opportunity to collaborate with industry peers for developing standards for AR creative formats, performance benchmarking, measurement standards, and privacy considerations.

Zoe Soon, Vice President, Experience Center at IAB, stated:

“Accelerated by our new socially-distanced reality and buoyed by the rollout of 5G networks, AR is set to become the next frontier of advertising. I’m excited to welcome Nextech AR Solutions to the IAB AR Board where our mission is to help brands connect with consumers in more immersive ways. Nextech AR Solutions is a great addition to our group of industry leaders because with their eCommerce and virtual events solutions they are helping brands reimagine ways to solve consumer problems and provide utility.”

Hareesh Achi, President of the Advertising at Nextech AR, added:

“Joining the IAB’s AR Board is another indication of Nextech AR’s investment in becoming the leader in the emerging AR/3D ad industry. As members, we will be able to participate in a variety of industry-facing committees which are responsible for creating industry standards and best practices, in addition to providing Nextech with an opportunity to showcase our own technology and insights. The growth in online eCommerce has created opportunities for brands and products to differentiate through immersive digital experiences and foundationally transform how they reach their target audience through online advertising. Nextech’s AR technology, virtual events platform and AR ads are going to enable the industry for this advertising digital transformation in not only reaching the audiences but also enabling that product or brand interaction with its audiences”.

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