Huawei’s Better World Summit called for collective efforts to build a rich 5G+AR value chain
Better World Summit

Huawei’s Better World Summit called for collective efforts to build a rich 5G+AR value chain

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Huawei has predicted that the AR market to reach around US$300 billion by the end of 2025.

Bob Cai, Huawei Carrier Business Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, stated this during the company’s Better World Summit in China, calling for collective efforts to produce a rich 5G+AR value chain.

“AR will first see massive adoption in five prioritized industries: education, social networking, shopping, traveling & navigation, and gaming.” He added, “The technology can truly enable the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, making dreams a reality.” – Bob Cai, CMO, Huawei Carrier Business Group.

According to Eric Zhao, the VP of Huawei CNBG Marketing, the integration of augmented reality and 5G supports global carriers and industry associates, resulting in the expansion of business boundaries and helping drive new growth.

“The 5G+AR ecosystem is maturing, making education more impressive, entertainment more fascinating, communication more efficient, and people’s lives more convenient.” – Eric Zhao.

“With the higher availability of consumer AR trending and the wider coverage of 5G networks, we believe that the 5G+AR combination will unleash greater potential for the market.” – Kevin Xu, VP, Huawei CNBG Marketing Demand Program.

Due to the COVID pandemic, customers could not visit Huawei in person, so Huawei started using augmented reality to demonstrate its products and solutions online in a very efficient manner. Huawei is also using augmented reality to complete the quick delivery of 5G base stations.

During the event, Huawei issued a white paper on AR’s application practice and development, which profiles the industry from devices, networks, and applications, requesting joint efforts across various sectors to build a rich 5G+AR ecosystem.

Better World Summit’s theme for this year is “5G+AR: Enriching our Lives”. The summit has drawn a large number of high-profile guests, including David MacQueen, Executive Director, Strategy Analytics, and He Chengjian, Director, Shenzhen Communication Management Bureau.

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