Ford Partners with Google for an AR-powered Experience to Promote the F-150 Lightning
AR-powered Experience to Promote the F-150 Lightning

Ford Partners with Google for an AR-powered Experience to Promote the F-150 Lightning

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Automaker Ford has partnered with Google to create the F-150 Lightning Strike Anywhere, an AR-powered experience to promote the key features of the company’s new all-electric pickup truck.

The vehicle has amassed over 160,000 reservations so far, more than 80% of which come from individuals who have never owned a battery-electric vehicle before and half of whom have never owned a Ford vehicle.

Moreover, Google and Ipsos conducted research that indicated that 58 percent of people planning to purchase a new vehicle in the next six months are planning to go for a hybrid or a fully electric option. Therefore, the campaign presents a unique opportunity for Ford to deliver an immersive yet informative experience to prospective customers.

F-150 Lightning Strike Anywhere is a 3D and augmented reality experience showcasing a virtual F-150 Lightning truck within the buyer’s surroundings through a smartphone. The experience features thirteen interactive animations to highlight the vehicle’s key aspects, including its mega power frunk, battery range, towing capabilities, convenient charging solutions on the road and at home, interior connectivity, smart bed, and more.

Suzy Deering, the Chief Marketing Officer for Ford Motor Company, said, “At Ford, we want to show, not just tell since we believe educating customers on the full potential and capabilities of electric vehicles helps them make the transition from traditionally powered vehicles to all-electric ones.”

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