Virtual try-on for products like sunglasses is the new ‘in-thing’ for shoppers
Virtual try-on

Virtual try-on for products like sunglasses is the new ‘in-thing’ for shoppers

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Per a study, an innovative technology that e-commerce companies can provide to apparel buyers is a virtual try-on to improve their sales. According to a report by Vertebrae, a company that focuses on 3D and AR for retail, 69% of shoppers who have tried virtual try-on had bought the product.

Of the shoppers surveyed, 44% have used virtual try-on and 75% of those have used it in the past as well. 

Around 77% of those who have not experienced it would like to try if it were readily available, and around 49% would be likely to buy. 

Sunglasses and eyewear dominate the sales, with 70% of buyers thinking virtual reality would be useful when making a purchase decision. Also, 79% mentioned that they would use it when it is readily available. 

Also, around 43% of shoppers mentioned that they are unlikely to use virtual try-on if the process is complicated and requires additional actions like entering measurements or uploading a photo.

However, around 64% agree the most effective uses for it are: 

  • I can view if the style is proper for me: 63% 
  • I can view whether the color is appropriate for me:51% 
  • I get an actual sense of the size of the product: 46%

“Virtual try-on is transforming shopping for entire categories like eyewear, hats, footwear, and soon clothing.” – Vince Cacace, CEO and Founder, Vertebrae.

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