High-Speed One to create AR technology to virtually replicate rail assets
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High-Speed One to create AR technology to virtually replicate rail assets

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HS1 Ltd, the operator and owner of the UK’s high-speed railway is on the verge of transforming the rail network by developing AR technology that will replicate rail assets on the HS1 (High-Speed One) line by the end of 2021.

The augmented reality tech will help monitor asset performance in real-time and allow for the fast detection and repair of defects on travellators, lifts, escalators, and signaling devices along the high-speed line.

Sensors will help in picking up and relaying faults back to maintenance teams through the 5G network. The technology will also enable engineers to make informed decisions in terms of maintenance and repairs. It is also expected to reduce CO2 emissions as maintenance exercises will take less time to finish.

The new AR technology will reduce the impact of interruption on the railway caused by the current COVID-19 situation. Also, if the technology is used widely, it can cut costs and improve productivity for 3,000+ railway stations and the wider network in the UK.

The project is supported and funded by Innovate UK, in association with Network Rail (High Speed) Limited, PAULEY Group Limited, AMRC (University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre), and Athonet UK Limited.

“At HS1 Ltd, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve the UK’s only high-speed rail system. Our innovative approach to technology means that we are able to monitor and maintain our assets in a more efficient and sustainable way, leading to an improved customer experience. The system will not only create a more reliable rail network but will allow our expert teams to maintain social distancing guidelines when responding to jobs. Thanks to Innovate UK and our partners, we are able to lead the way in revolutionizing London’s railway stations post-COVID.” – Dyan Crowther, CEO of HS1 Ltd

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