Witness Art in XR at Infinity Festival’s ART+TECH Exhibition
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Witness Art in XR at Infinity Festival’s ART+TECH Exhibition

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ART+TECH, Infinity Festival’s free online art exhibition, brings together Hollywood and Silicon Valley to showcase the masterpieces of various local and internationally-known artists. It also created an exciting amalgamation of various technologies including augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and motion graphics.

Event production company FNTECH is hosting virtual events on their proprietary platform every Wednesday and Thursday until January 7, 2021. The admission is free of charge and the audiences can catch glimpses of artworks powered by cutting-edge technologies.

The Infinity Festival is known for showcasing unconventional content and thrilling experiences to its audiences. Hosting its third installment this year, the festival features over 60 premium content experiences, tech exhibitions, panel discussions, and a lot more.

In terms of the tech additions at the festival, it features exhibits associated with artificial intelligence, visual effects, wellness tech, and immersive experiences along with fine art displays centered on emerging tech.

The festival is being conducted online this year as opposed to the enormous venue in Hollywood last year. But the audiences can enjoy the eight week fair and experience the thrilling worlds of technology and art from the comfort of their homes, for free this year.

Capitol Music Group and Capitol Royale have played a huge role in making the event come to life. The festival’s programming committee comprises over 150 members from leading studios, talent agencies, and tech companies.

The attendees can participate in thought leadership discussions, startup programming events, enjoy weekly content premieres, and be a part of unique music experiences brought by Capitol Royale.

The festival also presents a virtual Capitol Records Tower experience where the audience can explore the spectacular landmark. They can also experience exclusive content, either live or on-demand, within every area. Iconic creators and thought leaders such as Brie Larson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Orlowski, and Justin Marks would also be participating in the festival.

The art landscape is undergoing revolutionary changes with the onset of augmented and virtual reality. A few of the oldest museums and art houses across the globe are breathing the fresh air of innovation through these immersive technologies. More importantly, it is making the industry more accessible to people who are alien to the field.

Art institutions and studios can draw in larger crowds because of more engaging and educational displays that people can interact with. Additionally, it’s also a crucial attraction point for tech enthusiasts who are not much familiar with fine art. It also has the potential to help museums and art institutions recover from setbacks due to the pandemic.

The Infinity Festival is just the start. The future looks bright for more technology-enabled art events in the future with the advancement of these technologies and the need to adapt in a post-pandemic world.

FNTECH has already taken a huge leap in that direction with its proprietary virtual event platform. Jeremy Muir, CEO of FNTECH, said that the team was thrilled to put the state of the art technology to use and they are looking forward to hosting hybrid events in the future which will be more inclusive and broad-reaching than any that they have done so far.

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