Maestro Gustavo Dudamel takes VR Symphony on a global tour
VR Symphony

Maestro Gustavo Dudamel takes VR Symphony on a global tour

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Gustavo Dudamel, the orchestra conductor, believes that there can be a new sense of tolerance globally and thinks that music can show the way to everyone.

“Music has an essential role to play in the healing of the spirit of humankind, which is so shaken at this time of pandemic and other circumstances that divide us.” – Gustavo Dudamel.

Gustavo Dudamel’s latest project is Symphony, a VR film, focuses on taking fans to the world of music and sound through VR technology. Last it was premiered in Madrid.

He wants Symphony to inspire people to dive into classical music, and for the symphony finally to be a global sound of various ideas harmonizing together.

“Music is a language without words: it comes to each of us in a unique way, and yet it also unites us even though we appreciate it in different ways. For me, that is a beautiful symbol for these times – we can embrace each other through music.” – Gustavo Dudamel.

The Gustavo Dudamel Foundation has worked with marginalized children to create social bridges through encounters among young musicians.

“The most beautiful thing would be to join through our differences, and not see them as an element of division. I think that fact that each youth comes from different socioeconomic, cultural and religious context and then they play together to create one discourse – that is music.” – Dudamel.

Symphony is a four-year project coordinated by La Caixa Foundation. It has 250 people, which includes 100 musicians from around 40 countries. The personal rhythms of 3 musicians from the Dudamel Foundation coming from different countries are traveled in a wordless short film before Fifth Symphony from Beethoven’s crashes into the viewer’s senses in a twelve-minute virtual reality experience.

After its screenings in Madrid, Spain, Symphony will travel to various locations in Spain and Portugal in the next ten years. Gustavo Dudamel will take on the role of the virtual guide during the tour that takes viewers from the production of instruments to the synapses of the brain where the sound is processed.

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