Birmingham to Get a New Virtual Reality Entertainment Center
Virtual Reality Entertainment Center

Birmingham to Get a New Virtual Reality Entertainment Center

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Atmos VR is all set to transform a vacant 10,000 sq ft unit in Floodgate Street, Digbeth, into a state of the art virtual reality entertainment center next year through a £1 million funding deal.

With precautionary measures such as caps on attendees and shows limited to one hour each, the facility has been designed to adapt to the need for social distancing in a post-pandemic world.

It is only the first of eight planned new sites across the country and is due to open to VR enthusiasts over the spring of next year.

Kevin Blair, the Founder of Atmos VR and the Birmingham Chapter President of the International VR/AR Association, possesses a multitude of experience in working with VR through his time with the RAF and understands the applications of the technology in a commercial ecosystem.

Atmos VR was set up in 2017 to develop virtual reality applications for engineering firms, distilleries, museums, and the military. With the growing familiarity of the technology, the company is ready to branch out into the live entertainment sector now.

Talking about his company’s objective, Mr. Blair stated, “Atmos VR’s aim is to bring creative content to life using the latest immersive technology, constantly evolving virtual reality and beyond and pushing the experiential boundaries of immersive experiences.”

“According to a recent study, three-quarters of immersive entertainment companies successfully have attendance up to 10,000 per year, meaning we can provide immersive experiences aimed at smaller audiences who are already seeking a more personal setting,” he added.

The new facility to be set up in Birmingham is a result of securing a £1 million finance package through the Insight Media Fund. Despite their specialization in the media projects domain, the firm has been backed up for its vision to reinvent the ‘location-based entertainment’ sector.

Chief Executive of the Insight Media Fund, Bob Clarke, said, “As part of the fund’s focus on media investments for a post-covid world, bringing back live events is very much on its agenda and free-roaming virtual reality provides a genuine antidote to the reasonable lingering fears people may have of being part of an uncontrolled large audience crowd.”

“Atmos VR has developed a cutting-edge proposition with plenty of hooks for repeat visits – with the fund’s support, we believe it can be scaled for a UK-wide rollout and international franchise opportunities,” he added.

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