Threekit Launches New Immersive, AR Features for an Enhanced Shopping Experience
Threekit new Immersive AR Features

Threekit Launches New Immersive, AR Features for an Enhanced Shopping Experience

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The visual configuration platform for 3D, 2D, and AR product visuals, Threekit, has launched its Immersive Shopping Suite, Advanced Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Try-on features to provide an enhanced experience to shoppers.

The features are an extension to Threekit’s existing augmented reality offering, which has enabled its customers to boost eCommerce sales by as much as 50%. According to Gartner, 46% of retailers plan to use AR solutions to enhance shopper engagement and conversion.

Threekit Advanced AR is the next step to make augmented reality experiences for eCommerce faster, more accurate, and interactive than any other alternative in the market. The current AR solutions require shoppers to configure a product on a product page before overlaying it over their space. Advanced AR takes customization beyond the product page. It enables users to alter product features, such as materials, fabrics, and parts, while viewing the AR overlay on their physical space.

Advanced AR is powered by 8th Wall, enabling a first-of-its-kind interactive and cross-platform AR shopping experience. It allows brands to feature their products on the web while making optimum use of custom elements, such as interactive buttons, hotspots, and annotations. It will provide product information and integrated calls to action within the AR scene.

Virtual try-on technology has been a massive development in the space, providing shoppers with the means to see how wearable products look on them using their smartphone or desktop cameras. It has become a necessary feature for luxury apparel, accessory, jewelry, and shoe sellers to drive shopper confidence and conversion. Threekit’s Virtual Try-On is a web-based solution that uses physically-based rendering.

“Today’s online shopper wants more than just pictures of a product. They want an entire product experience,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO at Threekit. “Advanced AR and Virtual Try-On deliver products directly into the shopper’s world, giving them context, inspiration and most importantly, confidence to make a purchase. AR is no longer a fun, “nice to have.”  It’s an immersive feature that drives results.”

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