Israel’s Galilee Medical Center performs first-ever 3D, AR eye surgery
AR eye surgery

Israel’s Galilee Medical Center performs first-ever 3D, AR eye surgery

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A team of Israeli doctors from Galilee Medical Center successfully performed the first-ever surgery of a fracture in the eye socket using 3D and AR technology.

The surgery was led by Prof. Samer Srouji of Galilee Medical Center in association with doctors from Sheba Medical Center.

The patient had a severe injury in his face, which fractured his left eye socket, resulting in double vision and destroying his eyes’ aesthetics and symmetry.

“The innovative technology utilizing a 3D printer and augmented reality resulted in both a particularly accurate execution of the operation and a significant reduction in time.” – Prof. Samer Srouji.

To conduct the eye socket surgery, the doctors designed a plate based on the patient’s CT scan. To position the plate correctly under the eye, doctors used augmented reality.

One of the doctors used HoloLens glasses from Microsoft connected to the computer which had the patient’s skull and plate design. The model was virtually and perfectly placed over the head of the patient through the glasses, enabling the doctors to place the plate in place accurately in real time.

“The most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver value in minutes – all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of the cloud and AI services from Microsoft.” – Microsoft.

The doctor needed under two hours to perform eye surgery. Following recovery, the patient was released. The patient’s CT scans revealed that the plate was placed correctly and optimally.

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