Augmented reality is expected to transform the future oil and gas industry
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Augmented reality is expected to transform the future oil and gas industry

According to a report by GlobalData, augmented reality is poised to disrupt the traditional oil and gas workflow in the next 5 years. There are prominent developments in both software and hardware arena within the augmented reality tech field, which is reflective of its rising number of use cases.

“The growing use of wearable devices, smartphones, and tablets in the oil and gas industry is making it conducive for the adoption of AR applications in the industry. Combining AR with technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will help in the creation of more holistic solutions for O&G applications, including real-time detection and repair of equipment breakdown.” – Ravindra Puranik, oil and gas analyst at GlobalData.

Chevron has armed its field experts with the Hololens from Microsoft for working on routine maintenance duties. The Hololens allows the technicians to obtain remote practical assistance while they perform their tasks. Chevron has conducted many trails with the Hololens and now is expected to upsurge the deployment of these AR kits in the field globally.

Oil & gas companies are partnering with tech companies, like Google and Microsoft to create sector-specific augmented reality solutions. Many tech startups are also entering this field to develop customized augmented reality solutions for the oil and gas sector.

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