AR Tech Patents Filed by Apple Hint towards Development of Apple Glass
Apple AR Tech Patents

AR Tech Patents Filed by Apple Hint towards Development of Apple Glass

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Apple’s ongoing research for making virtual objects feel more realistic has been speculated for a while now. A pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses are also reportedly under development by the tech giant. The company’s plan to make virtual objects feel more inclusive in the real world is essential to make the device suitable for a seamless user experience.

The company introduced the new LiDAR sensor with the iPad Pro last year to enhance AR experiences for its users. Through these sensors, Apple can understand and process more data which is crucial for the development of future technologies in the domain.

The tech giant has filed three new patents that hint towards AR projects it has been working on to make the technology feel more realistic. The patents highlight solutions currently faced in terms of amalgamating the real world with the augmented world.

“Challenges can arise in providing satisfactory optical systems for merging real-world and display content,” stated the patent filed by Apple. “If care is not taken, issues may arise with optical quality and other performance characteristics.”

The patent also specifies the need for technology to ensure that the augmented items are at par with real-world items. Essentially, it would prevent any sort of lag between the real world and augmented world frames. This is in sync with Apple’s policy for all its products which is that all of the elements should seamlessly fit in together.

“The optical system may use time interleaving techniques and/or polarization effects to merge real-world and display images,” adds the patent. “Switchable devices such as polarization switches and tunable lenses may be controlled in synchronization with frames of display images.”

It can be speculated that the upcoming Apple Glass is going to sport the LiDAR sensors along with various other three-dimensional sensors.

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