Mojo Vision and Menicon partners to develop AR contact lenses
Mojo Vision AR contact lenses

Mojo Vision and Menicon partners to develop AR contact lenses

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Japan’s largest contact lens manufacturer, Menicon, has recently partnered with Mojo Vision to develop AR contact lenses. These contact lenses were something you would see in movies, but AR contact lenses have just become something very real.

Mojo Vision is in the process of developing the worlds’ first AR smart contact lens, and Menicon believes that it can pull off these smart contact lenses with Mojo Vision. Industry experts feel that it is the perfect partnership to achieve the incredible feat. Menicon and Mojo Vision plan to run various tests to understand the development and manufacturing process.

“This agreement with Mojo is a key step forward in our expansion of Menicon’s technology initiatives. Menicon has been a pioneer in contact lenses for 70 years, and we constantly strive to improve the quality of life of contact lens wearers worldwide. Mojo is an innovative company with a technology platform and a vision for the future of contact lens wear that aligns with Menicon’s aspirations. We believe that both companies can bring together skillsets and technologies that will support the successful development of a truly breakthrough product.” – Dr. Hidenari Tanaka, President, Menicon.

Mojo Vision is on track to develop the technology that is used in the Mojo Lens, and it has the necessary funding as well. Mojo Vision has received $51 million in Series-B funding in 2020. To date, it has received $159 million, including the seed investment and Series-A funding to develop the AR technology for the contact lens.

Mojo Vision considers the development agreement with Menicon an important step forward for Mojo and Mojo Lens. Mojo Vision has also mentioned that it has built innovative technologies needed to design the contact lens like the world’s smallest MicroLED display and provides crystal clear display.

The Mojo Lens is designed on a scleral-type contact lens. It is a large lens that is placed on the white part of the eye. The company uses that space to include other components, like eye-tracking cameras, image sensors, and minute bio-safe batteries.

The Mojo Lens technology is still in R&D and is not yet available for customers. The company did not mention when they plan to launch it, but they are working with the FDA’s Breakthrough Access Program to include it for medical purposes.

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