Invesco QQQ ETF announces AR experience driven by 8th Wall for the NCAA basketball campaign
NCAA basketball campaign

Invesco QQQ ETF announces AR experience driven by 8th Wall for the NCAA basketball campaign

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Investment management firm Invesco QQQ ETF who are the official ETF and asset management partner of the NCAA basketball championship (also known as ‘March Madness’), has recently released an AR experience with NBA’s Grant Hill.

The ‘QQQ Hoops AR’ experience enables users to bring augmented reality basketball hoop into their home by using their smartphones. All gamers start with $10,000 of in-game currency, and they get 30 seconds to get as many baskets as they can, which provides them with additional dollars.

When the 30 seconds ends, players are given the digital currency which they earned, and how much that would have been worth incase it was invested through Invesco QQQ ETF ten years ago.

The QQQ Hoops Augmented Reality is a WebAR (web-based AR) experience working in a web-browser. The experience was developed by COFFEE Labs and is driven by 8th Wall tech (World Tracking AR) technology. It allows for the location of the basketball net and Grant Hill’s hologram.

“Invesco QQQ Hoops is a fantastic example of how augmented reality can engage sports fans wherever they are.” He added, “We are thrilled that COFFEE Labs used 8th Wall to create a web-based augmented reality gaming experience which requires no app to download making it possible for even more fans to play.” – Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO & Founder, 8th Wall.

“COFFEE Labs was thrilled to partner with Invesco to deliver this interactive WebAR experience. This browser based Augmented Reality game was the perfect platform to reach fans during March Madness and showcase the innovation of Invesco QQQ ETF. COFFEE will continue to push the limits of what’s possible to connect with consumers in unique ways.” – Al Silvestri, Partner and CCO, COFFEE Labs. 

Invesco has made the augmented reality experience crucial to its NCAA campaign. It also features social and digital ads and jumbotron messaging in-stadium with QR codes that players can scan to play the augmented reality game.

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