ImagineAR signs 3-year partnership deal with Club Atlético Mineiro to provide interactive AR experiences

ImagineAR signs 3-year partnership deal with Club Atlético Mineiro to provide interactive AR experiences

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Imagine AR, an AR company that allows businesses, enterprises, and sports teams to create their augmented reality mobile campaigns, has announced that they have signed a 3-year revenue partnership deal with Club Atlético Mineiro to offer its AR SDK Platform for immersive fan engagement and activation. The team plays in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, level one of Brazilian soccer, and also in the Copa Libertadores, the continental tournament of South America.

Sportheca, which is a sports innovation center and developer of the mobile app of the club, will be overseeing the amalgamation of the ImagineAR SDK tech. Sportheca consults with federations, leagues, and sports teams in the digitization process, concentrating on the monetization of digital assets. Club Atlético is the first soccer team in Brazil to combine a comprehensive AR platform into their mobile app for immersive fan activation and engagement.

The partnership between ImagineAR, Sportheca, and Clube Atlético Mineiro is part of Aléticos Mineiro’s plans to become the most innovative Brazilian soccer club in the world.

“We focus on integrating best-in-class technology and ImagineAR provides the most advanced Augmented Reality SDK fan engagement platform for mobile apps today. We are excited to be the premier soccer club in South America to launch immersive AR campaigns for Club Atlético Mineiro fans around the world starting this Spring.” – Leandro Figueiredo, Business Director of Club Atlético Mineiro.

“We deliver high-value advanced technology solutions for clubs to drive fan engagement and monetization around the world. ImagineAR is the recognized as the world-leading AR sports platform. Club Atlético Mineiro will be the first club to launch immersive AR campaigns across South America this year.” – Eduardo Tega, CEO of Sportheca.

“Our global expansion continues with our partnership with Club Atlético Mineiro and Sportheca in Brazil. We are very optimistic that this partnership will grow enormously in the next years.” – Alen Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of ImagineAR.

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