TU Dublin and Skillnet Partner for a VR-powered Pharma Training Program
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TU Dublin and Skillnet Partner for a VR-powered Pharma Training Program

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TU Dublin has partnered with Skillnet Ireland to create a new pharma training program using virtual reality to help learners understand the basics of powder handling for pharma manufacturing.

The program will enable learners to understand powder handling, a crucial process deployed in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. VR would allow the participants to obtain the training in a low-risk environment.

The course had been developed by the Irish Government business support agency Skillnet Ireland and TU Dublin’s Dr. Brian Vaughan, the founder, and director of the technological university’s Virtual Interaction Research Lab, or VIRal.

The two entities had previously developed another VR program last year that focused on aseptic techniques for biomanufacturing. However, the new initiative focuses solely on the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

The program uses a customized VR platform with the potential to bring down training costs for pharma operations by allowing the staff to virtually perform numerous activities, such as health and safety aspects of powder handling, charging operations, drumming and bagging operations, and formulation activities, in a controlled pharma environment.

“Virtual reality is a powerful tool for providing engaging and immersive training experiences in the pharmaceutical industry,” Vaughan said.

The VR course has been specifically designed to enable the learners to gain the ‘maximum impact’ through the technology.

Paul Healy, Chief Executive at Skillnet Ireland, said, “Virtual reality is showing remarkable results for the industry in terms of operational excellence and efficiency.”

Moreover, being a part of the Skillnet business networks would offer immense opportunities to the learners. They could get a ready-made gateway into the industry and work directly with the companies to demonstrate their capabilities.

The new program is set to begin at the end of this month.

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