Mozilla Brings in New Updates to Its Virtual Social Hubs Platform
Mozilla Virtual Social Hubs Platform

Mozilla Brings in New Updates to Its Virtual Social Hubs Platform

Mozilla announced a new update to its social platform, Hubs, by bringing in a host of new features using virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences. The first preview of hubs was released back in 2018, providing its users a new way to socialize. The latest update will introduce a chat sidebar and a new streamlined design for desktop and mobile devices along with a support forum to help the Hubs community get the most out of the platform.

The release timeline is currently set around March 25th, 2021 for the Hubs Cloud customers.

Mozilla released a statement saying, “In the past, our team took a design approach that kept the desktop, mobile, and virtual reality interfaces tightly coupled. This often meant that the application’s interactions were tailored primarily to virtual reality devices, but in practice, the vast majority of Hubs users are visiting rooms on non-VR devices.”

“This update separates the desktop and mobile interfaces to align more to industry-standard best practices and makes the experience of being in a Hubs room more tailored to the device you’re using at any given time. We’ve improved menu navigation by making this full-screen on mobile devices, and by consolidating options and preferences for personalizing your experience,” the company added.

The three key features of the update are the new chat sidebar, an enhanced desktop and mobile experience, and a new support site to assist the new and existing users on the platform.

“In addition to articles to help with basic Hubs setup and troubleshooting, the ‘Ask a Question’ forum is now available. This is a new place for the community and team to help answer questions about Hubs. If you’re an active Hubs user, you can contribute by answering questions and flagging information for the team. If you’re new to Hubs and find yourself needing some help getting up and running, pop over and let us know how we can help.”

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