Telefónica Tech Introduces AR powered Remote Operation Service in Spain

Telefónica Tech Introduces AR powered Remote Operation Service in Spain

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Telefónica’s strategic digital business unit, Telefónica Tech, has announced the launch of an AR powered remote operation service in Spain. It will enable experts to connect remotely with technicians to assist them through real-time smart devices (glasses, phones, or tablets).

Telefónica Tech is a leading company offering digital transformation solutions. It provides a range of technology services across the public and private sectors.

The new service from Telefónica Tech and TeamViewer allows the remote experts to see what the technician sees in the field during a live video call and to provide the necessary cues using AR to facilitate problem-solving.

With the help of this service, businesses will be able to increase productivity, decrease machine downtime, cut travel expenses, and cut errors in manufacturing processes by up to 50%.

By virtually viewing step-by-step workflows, manuals, and guides with comprehensive instructions, technicians can perform assembly, maintenance, repair, and overhaul tasks with the help of the remote operation service. The expert sends the information in real-time, minimizing interruptions, and the documentation is more accurate by avoiding potential manual errors. In this way, inspection and maintenance processes are more effective.

With the launch of this service, Telefónica Tech continues to assist businesses in streamlining and digitizing their order preparation and logistics processes. The service enables operators to guide technicians through the process using intelligent devices to graphically display the instructions to prepare orders (shelf number, location, product images, and other necessary information).

By bolstering the dependability and accuracy of the workflows, the service can increase efficiency and productivity by 10% and 15%, respectively, and achieve a nearly error-free order preparation process.

“With this new service, based on AR, the sector will be able to optimize its processes, promote constant training between experts and technicians, and contribute to sustainable development,” said Andrés Escribano, Director of New Business and Industry 4.0 at Telefónica Tech.

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