Westbase.io signs European distribution agreement with RealWear to meet growing AR and wearable solution demand

Westbase.io signs European distribution agreement with RealWear to meet growing AR and wearable solution demand

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Westbase.io, a distributor of 4G/5G and IoT, has announced signing a European distribution agreement with RealWear, a hands-free head-mounted tablet provider. To meet the growing demand for wearable computing solutions for business and AR, the new extension to the Westbase.io portfolio will allow the company and its channel partners to grow their connected worker offering across the UK, Nordics Benelux, and Europe.

Having long-delivered connectivity solutions that allow companies and employees to access the information they require, the addition of RealWear grows upon Westbase.io’s involvement in including the latest technologies for businesses.

“We’ve been looking at AR tech and its applications in business for a while now; the potential it has for enabling first-line workers to be more productive while maintaining safety at all times is huge. But there’s no doubt that the events of 2020, and their repercussions which will carry through to 2021 and beyond, have considerably accelerated the adoption of this technology across many industries.” – Sacha Kakad, MD for Westbase.io.

Enabling industrial employees to receive in-situ data and in-the-field training across areas such as healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and insurance RealWear’s head-mounted tablets rightly addresses the requirement to reduce the number of workers in close contact with each other. 

Giving hands-free remote communication and collaboration, field workers can profit from specialist support without personnel requiring to be physically present. Eliminating the need to travel and social distancing while still assuring that operations can continue easily, RealWear deployments have risen across various industries.

“Offering benefits that extend beyond addressing social distancing, we are very excited to be adding RealWear to our portfolio. By employing this technology, businesses can reduce travel costs significantly while increasing their first-time fix rate, as well as enabling one expert to support multiple workers, all of which play a role in increasing productivity, improving safety, and driving cost savings.”

“It’s a significant opportunity for Westbase.io and our channel partners to deliver remote solutions that address real-world problems and business advancements. While it allows us to answer direct market demands today, driven by the pandemic, we’re even more excited for the wider possibilities and look forward to working with RealWear and our partners to bring their leading range of solutions to businesses across Europe.” – Sacha Kakad

Westbase.io’s comprehensive channel support, along with RealWear’s extensive partner program, makes for a great combination where channel and their end-user clients will profit from this latest technology.

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