Spotselfie Launches The SAM Business Portal to Democratize AR Advertising
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Spotselfie Launches The SAM Business Portal to Democratize AR Advertising

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The pioneering AR social networking platform, Spotselfie, has announced the beta launch of The SAM Business Portal (Socialize, Advertise, & Monetize) to enable companies to place GPS-located AR advertising at live events around the world.

Spotselfie is an innovative augmented reality-powered social metaverse that enables users to post virtual objects, pictures, videos, stickers, and other digital material geotagged to locations across the globe. The company had created the patented technology, particularly for applications in live social interaction. It allows the users to view the content in AR on their smartphones as they walk through the digital landscape.

The SAM Business portal is a feature that leverages Spotselfie’s AR patented technology, Spotland ownership, and its vision to equalize advertising exposure for businesses. The company’s clients can identify as a small business or a large corporation, choose an area via GPS locations, and then place their advertisements to be viewed through the app’s AR lens.

Users can access the metaverse through an app on their smartphones and see AD advertising placements relevant to their surroundings based on their unique urMojo™, Spotselfie’s patented personal profile mechanism.

Spotland enables businesses to create a digital twin of their physical location, providing them an opportunity to immerse their brand, marketing, and customers into a novel digital world. Companies can purchase virtual land, hold onto their administrative rights, access digital GPS locations, and manage the content and advertising associated with it.

“We want to help small businesses get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic by offering them a customized advertising model directly into our social metaverse,” said Ray Shingler, co-founder and Vice President of Product Development at Spotselfie.

The company’s offering is a significant opportunity for small businesses as they can place AR ads at any live event where their potential customers might be, such as concerts, sports events, entire city blocks, and anywhere around the world. The SAM BusinessPortal empowers small businesses to compete against large corporations, leveling the advertising playing field using Spotselfie’s innovative patented AR technology.

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