Somnium Space, Vrgineers, and Prusa Research Partner to Develop a 3D Printable VR Headset

Somnium Space, Vrgineers, and Prusa Research Partner to Develop a 3D Printable VR Headset

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The virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum blockchain, Somnium Space, has partnered with Vrgineers, Inc., a provider of next-gen virtual and mixed reality (MR) pilot training systems, and 3D printer manufacturer, Prusa Research, to advance the creation of a brand-new cutting-edge open-source (standalone & PC wired) VR headset.

The companies claim that the new VR device aims to transform what they see as the currently restricted politics in the virtual reality sector. They will create the ‘Somnium VR ONE’ headset on a platform as open as possible to deliver the most immersive experience possible while operating without any limitations in both independent and tethered modes.

The device’s source code will be publicly available and supplied under an unrestricted commercial license with Android as the operating system. The firms believe their VR product will offer the ideal commercial area answer.

“Each user deserves to fully own the hardware they buy and be able to customize, repair, and enhance it anytime. We would like to provide an unrestrictive hardware and software environment to all VR enthusiasts around the world,” said Artur Sychov, Somnium Space founder and CEO.

The headset components will be made accessible as 3D models so that anyone with access to a 3D printer may print them out. To provide flexibility for metaverses, where we will spend a lot more time in the future, the source codes for the Android OS will be available in a public GIT.

“We would like to see other products, such as virtual reality headsets, follow the same open-source, community approach as our Prusa printers,” added Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research.

To save costs, Somnium Space will collaborate with Vrgineers to mass produce the electronics and exclusive lenses, which will be offered online. It implies that anyone with the desire to create their own VR headset would be able to buy the necessary parts and construct the headset themselves. Nevertheless, customers can purchase a Somnium Space headset directly with everything included.

“This project is based on a solid foundation of Vrgineers technical expertise in manufacturing virtual and mixed reality headsets for professionals and backed by direct investments into Vrgineers by Somnium Space and Prusa Research,” stated Marek Polčák, CEO at Vrgineers.

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