Share Box Unveils VR Branch to Enable the Financial Services of Tomorrow

Share Box Unveils VR Branch to Enable the Financial Services of Tomorrow

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Share Box is a leading immersive tech company creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Metaverse content based on culture and education. The company has introduced VR Branch, a platform that will enable VR-based future financial services, and it is currently in the second testbed stage.

Users can conduct remittance transactions and use various banking services in this metaverse setting. Additionally, the company has recently showcased this service at the MWC 2022 in Las Vegas, USA, where it gained interest from attendees.

The ‘Space Expedition’ VR astronomy education program was also concluded by the company at the end of October. Realistic space experience content with interactions is available in ‘Space Expedition.’ It entails exploring different areas of the spacecraft and completing missions using various interactive content.

The previous project, ‘Let’s Play, Universe,’ on the other hand, is VR 360 astronomical education content that prioritizes educational value over a type of game like ‘Space Expedition.’ Minimizing interaction maximizes the immersive experience and educational effects and employs character instructors to deliver astronomy lessons whenever and wherever they are needed.

Additionally, in October, Share Box presented this educational space-related educational content at the GITEX GLOBAL 2022 in Dubai. Share Box finished its exhibition participation by making it to the ‘Supernova pitching challenge’ semifinals.

“In 2023, we will focus on developing five-sided interaction service technology. This technology is producing content that responds to wall and floor touches of users in space by recognizing the movement of them simultaneously through sensors and projectors,” stated Share Box.

With the mission of ‘realizing a more perfect future than reality with technology,’ Share Box was established in July 2015. The company creates content for virtual reality, augmented reality, and the metaverse. Share Box makes content, generates solutions, and develops future technologies based on culture and education.

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