MyndVR and Oroi Partner to Offer More VR Therapies for Seniors

MyndVR and Oroi Partner to Offer More VR Therapies for Seniors

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The leading virtual reality platform for seniors in Europe, Oroi, and MyndVR, the award-winning provider of VR-based, digital therapeutic experiences designed for the aging population, recently announced a trans-Atlantic partnership that will allow MyndVR to offer more cognitive, physical, and occupational therapies.

MyndVR also announced the appointment of Robin Viles as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, a role that will strengthen the company’s abilities in skilled nursing, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Oroi Cognitive, now accessible on the MyndVR network, features a variety of exercises and games that simulate activities of daily living (ADLs), a standard set of skills taught by qualified therapists. These ADLs include getting dressed, organizing a room, shopping in a market, and navigating a city.

Oroi Fit, a VR exercise app that combines physical activity with virtual content like biking through the countryside or rowing down a river, will be offered by MyndVR in addition to Oroi Cognitive.

“Our European allies have been working hard to solve many of the same problems facing our aging population in America today,” said Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR. 

With this alliance, MyndVR will continue to grow beyond senior living engagement and activities. To accelerate this growth, MyndVR has hired Robin Viles, a senior care professional with more than three decades of expertise in the medical industry.

“This strategic partnership brings exciting new possibilities for both businesses and marks the first trans-Atlantic partnership for our emerging industry,” said Jorge Maylin, CEO of Oroi.

In the US, Canada, and Australia, MyndVR is the greatest provider of virtual reality solutions for senior living facilities, home care agencies, veteran homes, and elderly individuals living alone. The company is developing the most cutting-edge portfolio of unique and authorized therapeutic VR content.

Oroi is a virtual reality-based therapeutic content platform for seniors’ cognitive stimulation and well-being in Europe. Currently operating in Spain, France, the UK, and Germany, Oroi is establishing itself as the industry leader in Europe.

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