The DiSTI Corporation and VTR Partner to Develop Virtual Pilot Training Solutions

The DiSTI Corporation and VTR Partner to Develop Virtual Pilot Training Solutions

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The DiSTI Corporation has established a strategic partnership with commercial pilot training pioneers Visionary Training Resources to offer integrated, end-to-end virtual reality pilot training solutions for their enterprise and government customers. The DiSTI Corporation is a global leader spearheading the virtual training development sector with over a thousand successful projects delivered worldwide.

The alliance combines the platform capabilities of Visionary Training Resources with the award-winning virtual training development solutions from DiSTI. Together, these two companies can provide clients with cutting-edge technological solutions to streamline challenging pilot training processes while boosting student output and learning results and diminishing training costs.

“DiSTI’s collaboration on FlightDeckToGo has allowed VTR to develop a best-in-class product,” stated Jeff Pierce, COO at VTR. “Today’s agreement strengthens our joint commitment to the important goal of making virtual reality an essential piece of commercial pilot training.”

Following multiple successful initiatives between DiSTI and VTR for the ground-breaking FlightDeckToGo solution, which enables pilots to train using VR tech from anywhere, these two organizations have formed a strategic relationship.

The VR-focused system builds a thorough digital twin of every flight deck on every aircraft. Before engaging in more expensive simulator training, this technique enables pilots to interact with switches, dials, and levers to develop muscle memory. The system is entirely portable and can be used with portable VR headsets such as the Pico NEO Pro Eye.

This system uses the VR headset’s eye-tracking capabilities to track the student’s performance on visual inspection tasks and track all virtual interactions. DiSTI’s Schoolhouse software allows students to access any learning management system (LMS) and receive instruction from anywhere.

“Effective digital training demands highly coordinated, strategic, and experienced solutions to realize success,” stated John Hayward, CEO of DiSTI. “Together, DiSTI and VTR will assist clients in achieving their goals of virtual pilot training while building transformational solutions that utilize the most advanced technology possible.”

By offering highly standardized pilot training and better preparing pilots, the DiSTI and VTR alliance want to reduce airlines’ inconsistent availability and expenses related to training.

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