Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport launches ‘This is New York’ a VR experience
This is New York

Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport launches ‘This is New York’ a VR experience

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Terminal 4 at JFK International Airport is one of the most modern and dynamic air terminals globally. The terminal has recently launched “This is New York,” which is a virtual reality experience. This VR interactive tour will allow flyers at the airport to experience New York City’s landmarks from a safe distance.

“This is New York” is a virtual reality experience devoted to highlighting the unknown and monumental places within New York City. It includes the Staten Island Ferry, Queens Unisphere, Brooklyn Bridge Park, 191st Street Subway Station, and the Prospect Park Boathouse. The VR experience is hosted by JFK International Airport and is created by Jourdan Ferguson and Christian Rietzke. It is accessible via smartphone with the help of a virtual reality headset.

“As the international gateway to New York City, we are proud to provide this virtual installation to showcase some of the city’s most treasured destinations. The pandemic has made it more difficult for visitors to see some of the iconic locations in the city, and this experience allows them to safely see some of the best landmarks New York City has to offer when traveling through T4.” – Roel Huinink, President and CEO, JFKIAT.

T4 at JFK Airport is one of the most intense air terminals in NY. From the early COVID-19 outbreak, JFK International Airport worked with the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York, business partners, and airline to take action and executed key response initiatives with a focus on hygiene, health, safety, and devising a contactless journey for passengers and employees. 

JFK International Airport has also taken measures to plan for a new normal as the aviation segment begins a post-COVID scene by cooperating with the government agency and business to keep the terminal secure and safe.

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