Walk Through the Site of Jesus’ Baptism on This VR Platform
Jesus baptism site in Jordan

Walk Through the Site of Jesus’ Baptism on This VR Platform

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Jordan has made Jesus’ baptism site more accessible than ever now. Called ‘Bethany Beyond Jordan,’ the site was included within the Jordan Immersive Experience, a VR program that allows users to walk through several Jordanian religious sites online. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, agreed to be Jesus’ baptism place, is just a click away from you no matter where you are across the world.

The pandemic has vastly impacted the tourism industry which will take a while to recover from the loss of a year’s worth of pilgrims. Moreover, so many of the faithful have not been able to experience their many biblical sites. Therefore, Jordan has come up with this series of extensive virtual tours.

The Jordan Immersive Experience (JIE) comprises some of the nation’s most renowned biblical locations. You can find full rotation images of the sites along with brief explanations from the Jordan Tourism Board’s knowledgeable guides on the platform. The platform enables the users to walk alongside the guides in real-time as though they were on a live tour.

The most visited sites have been made a part of the JIE wherein just Petra has 18 spots for panoramic viewing. All of these spots provide visitors with trivia and historical context to explain what they are looking at.

With the newly added, ‘Bethany Beyond Jordan,’ users will be able to tour 16 stops including John the Baptist’s Spring, the Baptism Pool, and the surrounding churches. Each stop will connect them with the rich history of Jordan’s remarkable landscape.

The Jordan Tourism Board stated, “The area is where John was living when he baptized Jesus. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Baptism Site commission welcomes pilgrims from all around the world seeking spiritual connection to biblical times, a glimpse of history, or a chance to be baptized where Jesus was so many years ago.”

The Jordan Immersive Experience is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

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