New Virtual Reality Studio Launched by True Corp
Virtual Reality Studio

New Virtual Reality Studio Launched by True Corp

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With the projected expansion of 5G, the consumption of immersive content is likely to shoot up. Foreseeing the opportunity, True Corp has invested 20-million-baht into a new virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) studio to be ready for the needs of the rapidly expanding market.

Piroon Paireepairit, Head of 5G Working Group at True Corp stated, “We spent 20 million baht for the True 5G XR studio to create immersive, advanced digital content.”

With the aim to become a paradigm for the creation of immersive content in Asean, the 224-square-meter studio has been set up on the fourth floor of True Branding Shop in Siam Square Soi 2.

He also remarked about the growing need for advanced technologies that can help run the virtual world and provide immersive experiences to the users. Especially the entertainment sector including virtual concerts, e-sports, and live commerce for retail will largely be dependent on these technologies in the future.

The company can work on projects that include VR interactive digital scenes, 3D models, mixed reality interactive holograms, and AR at the studio. Additionally, a green room for virtual content production with 360-degree views has been set up at the facility.

Mr. Piroon expects that working on virtual concerts can be a huge opportunity for them to garner popularity for the studio in the unfortunate event of a second pandemic wave and an eventual lockdown. This would also open another revenue stream for them in the form of concert tickets and content sales.

They would look to collaborate in areas such as music, TV, movies, education, media, and content production firms and aim to be a part of the 5G ecosystem by directly working with the partners to create 5G-compatible content.

TrueID app is also stated to be a significant medium for pushing out AR/VR content to the users.

Oliver Kittipong Veerataecha, Brand and Communication Chief of True Corp, remarked about the studio’s potential to be used to develop workforce skills, He said, “This studio will serve as an extended reality content hub and improve workforce skills.”

Mr. Piroon believes that the 5G revolution is going to hit Thailand in 2021 and expects at least 50% of the population to carry 5G-enabled smartphones soon. It is also estimated that the mobile packages will drop below 500 baht per month as compared to the current prices of 699 baht. Healthcare and retail industries could be the top consumers of AR and VR content and would eventually pull a plethora of users towards it.

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